The Centre for Teaching Support (CTS) is an initiative to help higher education teaching staffs engage in thinking about and developing practices to improve teaching and learning.  The Centre is located at the College of Education Studies in the University of Cape Coast where the teaching staff of the University and other higher educational institutions develop their teaching skills by readily accessing resources and training programmes to enhance the quality of their teaching.  Thus, the Centre augments the effort of UCC to deliver on its mandate regarding education in Ghana by improving teaching and learning in the higher education institutions in particular. The Centre also spearheads the , distribution and use of teaching and learning materials in the University and other educational institutions.
The Centre comprises a central hub and three (3) satellite centres at designated locations on campus, each serving a function of the Centre. The three satellite centres provide services supporting effective teaching and learning in three (3) areas: Teaching Enhancement, Library and Media and Development of Teaching and Learning Resources.

  • Teaching Enhancement:  The Centre helps Faculty and other trainees enhance their teaching skills, for example, designing and setting up online courses, integrating technologies into teaching, etc.
  • Library and Media: The Centre, through its Library and Media function make available to Faculty and other trainees a variety of quality teaching resources (e.g. educational journals, reference books, digital presentation software, and equipment) to support course design and teaching activities. It also grants trainees access to programmes that develop skills for documenting research for teaching purposes.
  • Development of Teaching and Learning Resources: The Centre helps trainees acquire appropriate skills in the preparation of teaching and learning resources to support teaching.

In order to deliver on our mandate to improve teaching and learning in higher education, the Centre organizes seminars/workshops periodically for higher institutions and teachers who wish to teach in higher institutions. Our training uses the modular approach in which the modes of delivery are seminars/workshops including portfolio development.
The goal of the training programme is to strengthen the overall institutional capacity in teaching and learning that is needed in order to widen access to quality higher education in Ghana. Our training programmes expose teachers/lecturers/tutors working in higher education to practical principles underpinning teaching, learning, assessment and research for teaching in higher education, in a way that enables them to effectively apply their disciplinary knowledge and skills to meet the learning needs of their students.
The specific objectives of the training we offer are to:

  • approach the task of facilitating learning and assessment competently in ways apt to the programmes teachers/lecturers/tutors teach, using appropriate and varied methods and tools;
  • encourage teachers/lecturers/tutors to critically reflect on their own professional practice in the light of current research into higher education;
  • create new approaches to, and understanding of teachers/lecturers/tutors  and others' higher education contexts;
  • encourage the development of teaching approaches which actively support inclusivity and develop students' ethical awareness;
  • examine professional practice in higher education through processes of critical enquiry, reflection and practice based research;
  • discuss and critique areas of academic practice including: teaching and learning; assessment; professional practice and development; learning environments; open and distance Education and higher education research;
  • support teachers/lecturers/tutors working in collaboration with peers and experienced colleagues to develop competence and confidence within their individual roles in higher education as well as within their communities of practice.

Training Programme
Our training programme includes modules in:

  • Understanding the Higher Education Learner
  • Teaching and Learning Methods in Higher Education
  • Evaluating Learning, Teaching & Assessment in Higher Education
  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education with Technology
  • Reflective Teaching in Higher Education             
  • Open and Distance Learning Methodologies in Higher Education
  • Course Management and Technology
  • Experiential Learning
  • Exploring key themes in Academic Practice
  • Improving Teaching and Learning together

Target groups
The target group of our training programme includes the following:

  • Academic/teaching staff of public and private universities
  • Tutors in the Colleges of Education
  • Tutors in the Nursing Training Colleges
  • Lecturers in the Polytechnics

All master degree holders who aspire to teach in any tertiary institution who have no formal qualifications in teaching in higher education.