Director's Welcome Message

The Centre for Teaching Support (CTS) has been established with the purpose of training teaching staff (teachers/lecturers/ tutors) to engage in thinking and developing practices to improve teaching and learning in Higher Education Institutions.

In view of this, the Centre organizes training workshop for Lecturers/Tutors/ teachers working in Higher Institutions such as the Universities, Colleges of Education, Nursing Training Colleges and the Polytechnics. The broad objective of these workshops is to strengthen the overall institutional capacity in teaching and learning that is needed in order to widen access to quality higher education in Ghana. Our training programmes expose teachers/lecturers/tutors working in higher education to practical principles underpinning teaching, learning, assessment and research for teaching in higher education, in a way that enables them to effectively apply their disciplinary knowledge and skills to meet the learning needs of their students. Our training also aims to develop teachers/lecturers/tutors’ awareness of professional and ethical values that promotes effective and supportive learning, research and administrative environments in higher education institutions.

Since its inception, the Centre has provided training on a variety of subjects including innovative use of technology to deliver and enrich teaching and management, Engaging students through High Impact Practices (HIP),  Didactic & Problem Based Learning approaches with ICT, Team Based Learning, Supervision of Teaching, Reflective Practices in Teaching, Cognitive Coaching and Faculty Learning Communities among others for University teachers, tutors at the Nursing training Colleges and tutors in the Colleges of Education.

In addition, the Centre has also been involved in a number of consultative services in which exemplary materials have been designed and used as training modules in preparing teachers to teach with ICT and other creative ways of teaching Science, Mathematics, English and Technology. These services were not limited to training programmes in Ghana only but also in other sub-Saharan countries such as Kenya and Tanzania.

What makes our training programme unique is that we use the modular approach and the mode of delivery whereby seminars/workshops including portfolio development are employed for running our modules. Again, the training encompasses theory and practice, where trainees have the opportunity to engage in a lot of hands on activities.  Our training programme allows delivery of some modules (or parts of them) online, allowing flexibility for participants to balance their studies and work commitments.

More importantly, the fact that the Centre is located in the College of Education Studies (formally the Faculty of Education) at the University of Cape Coast, gives it the capability to draw on a large pool of professors and senior lecturers with relevant expertise and experiences in a variety of specialty areas. These highly skilled and competent personnel serve as resource persons in different capacities during the training programme and workshops the Centre organizes. Though there is no formal assessment for our modules, participants are required to participate fully in all sessions and assignments including projects in order to be awarded a certificate of completion.

I am by this welcoming message introducing to you our Centre (CTS) and the package of training programmes we offer. We are flexible on our modules and are always ready to re-package content to suit the needs of our clients. We are therefore happy to extend our services to you as an individual and to your outfit, department or institution.

For more information about CTS see our website. You can also contact us via email ( or by phone through the following numbers: 0266442234 or 0332137514